Q1. How do I make coffee using the concentrate?
A. For a standard 12oz drink, take 6oz of
concentrate and add 6oz of water, milk, soy milk, 
whatever you want to cut it with! Go crazy!

Q2. How much coffee does 1 bottle make?
A. 1 bottle of concentrate will make about 5-6 cups, 
unless you went heavy on the concentrate. Then you
get less. That's on you.

Q3. How long does it last?
A. Refrigerated bottles will last a month.

Q4. What is cold brewing?
A. Cold brewing is when you leave coarsely ground
coffee beans steeped in filtered water for many hours
(we do 18) at room temperature. Then filter out the
grounds, leaving behind intense, delicious coffee

Q5. Do you make it in decaf?
A. Why would you want that?

Q6. What is Puff Puff?
A. Nigerian version for fried dough. A crunchy, fried outer shell with a yeasty, chewy, and pillowy soft center. A popular West African street snack.

Q7. What is Chin Chin?
A. A crunchy deep-fried snack that originated from Nigeria. Like golden, miniature cookies

Q8. What can I mix with the concentrate?
A. Water or your choice of milk is a good start. 
If you come up with something good, tag us on
Instagram with your creation!

Q9. Do you ship?
A. We deliver to your house/office/bar if you live in Philadelphia! 
Not yet for anyone outside the city. Maybe one day...